WAEC Areas of Concentration for English Language 2024/2025

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WAEC Areas of Concentration for English Language 2024/2025: Today let’s talk about getting ready for your WAEC English Language exam in 2024/2025. To do well, it is essential to focus on a few key areas of the syllabus. Here is an easy-to-follow guide to help you concentrate on what matters most.

The English Language is an important subject in the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE). It is a compulsory subject for all candidates, and it accounts for a significant proportion of the total marks. In order to do well in the WAEC English Language exam, it is important to be familiar with the areas of concentration.

WAEC Areas of Concentration for English Language 2024/2025

Below are the full WAEC Areas of Concentration for English Language 2024/2025:



  1. Vocabulary of everyday usage (home, social relationships, common core school subjects).
  2. General vocabulary associated with various fields of human activity, such as Building and Construction, Agriculture, Fishing, Stock exchange, Health, Environment, Culture, Institutions and Ceremonies, Law and Order, Motor Vehicles and Travelling, Government and Administration, Sports, Religion, Science and Technology, Animal husbandry, Advertising, Human Internal Body system and function.
  3. Idioms and idiomatic expressions.
  4. Structural elements of English.
  5. Figurative Usage.


  1. Patterns of changes in word-forms (number, tense, degree, etc.).
  2. Patterns of word combinations to form groups and sentences.
  3. Use of structural words (conjunctions, determiners, prepositions, etc.).



  1. Writing formats: letter, speech, narration, description, argument/debate, report, article, exposition, creative writing.


  1. Vocabulary equivalence.
  2. Understanding factual content.
  3. Making inferences.
  4. Understanding use of English expressions.
  5. Identifying and labeling grammatical structures.
  6. Identifying and explaining literary terms and expressions.
  7. Recasting phrases or sentences.


  1. Extracting relevant information.
  2. Summarizing points concisely.
  3. Presenting a summary of specific aspects or portions of the passage.



  1. Consonants and consonant clusters.
  2. Vowels (pure vowels, diphthongs, triphthongs).
  3. Stress patterns and intonation.
  4. Rhymes.
  5. Emphatic stress.
  6. Phonetic symbols.


What Are the WAEC 2024 Areas of Concentration for English Language?

The syllabus emphasizes the fundamental aspects of language usage, such as reading, comprehension, vocabulary, lexis, structure, and listening comprehension. The examination is divided into three papers – Papers 1, 2, and 3 – all of which are mandatory for candidates to take.

Paper 1 assesses candidates’ knowledge of lexis and structure. It includes multiple-choice questions that cover various aspects of general vocabulary associated with different fields of human activity. Candidates are expected to demonstrate their grasp of vocabulary related to areas like health, environment, law and order, sports, science and technology, and more. The paper also tests candidates’ understanding of idiomatic expressions, structural elements of English, and figurative language usage.

Paper 2 is divided into three sections: Essay Writing, Comprehension, and Summary. In the Essay Writing section, candidates are required to choose from a selection of topics and write essays that reflect different writing styles, such as letters, speeches, narratives, descriptions, and more. The Comprehension section assesses candidates’ ability to comprehend written passages, infer meaning, identify literary devices, and recast sentences. In the Summary section, candidates are expected to extract relevant information from a prose passage and present concise summaries of specific aspects of the passage.

Paper 3 focuses on Oral English skills. The content of this paper varies based on the candidate’s location. For candidates in Ghana, The Gambia, and Sierra Leone, the paper involves a Listening Comprehension Test, where candidates answer questions based on dialogues, narratives, and phonetic elements. Candidates in Nigeria and Liberia take a Test of Oral paper, which covers areas such as vowels, consonants, stress patterns, intonation, rhymes, and phonetic symbols.

Remember, consistency is key. Regular study will keep the material fresh in your mind and help you be more confident when you sit for the exam. Strive to understand all parts of your classes and don’t be scared to ask questions if you don’t get a concept.


The WAEC English Language exam is a challenging but important exam. By studying the syllabus thoroughly and practicing answering past questions, you can increase your chances of success. We hope this post will help you to prepare well for your WAEC English Language exam 2024/2025. Happy studying!

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