WAEC Areas of Concentration for Physics 2024/2025

Waec 2024/2025

WAEC Areas of Concentration for Physics 2024/2025: When it comes to preparing for the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) exams, especially the challenging subject of Physics, having a clear understanding of the areas to concentrate on is half the battle won. Let this blog give you a leg up on your upcoming 2024/2025 WAEC physics exams.

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WAEC Areas of Concentration for Physics 2024/2025

Preparing for your upcoming WAEC Physics exam can be a daunting task, but with the right strategy, you can navigate through the syllabus effectively. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the essential areas of concentration for the WAEC Physics exam in 2024/2025. We’ll break down the topics you should focus on, provide some helpful tips, and address frequently asked questions to ensure you’re well-prepared.

Below is the complete list of WAEC Areas of Concentration for Physics 2024/2025:

  1. Measurements and Units
  2. Scalars and Vectors
  3. Motion
  4. Scalars and Vectors
  5. Equilibrium of Forces
  6. Work, Energy, and Power
  7. Friction
  8. Simple Machines
  9. Elasticity: Hooke’s Law and Young’s Modulus
  10. Pressure
  11. Liquids at Rest
  12. Temperature and Its Measurement
  13. Thermal Expansion
  14. Gas Laws
  15. Quantity of Heat
  16. Change of State
  17. Vapours
  18. Structure of Matter and Kinetic Theory
  19. Heat Transfer
  20. Waves
  21. Propagation of Sound Waves
  22. Characteristics of Sound Waves
  23. Light Energy
  24. Reflection of Light at Plane and Curved Surfaces
  25. Refraction of Light through Plane and Curved Surfaces
  26. Optical Instruments
  27. Dispersion of Light and Colours
  28. Electromagnetic Spectrum
  29. Electrostatics
  30. Capacitors
  31. Electric Cells
  32. Current Electricity
  33. Electrical Energy and Power
  34. Magnets and Magnetic Fields
  35. Force on a Current-Carrying Conductor in a Magnetic Field
  36. Electromagnetic Induction
  37. Simple A. C. Circuits
  38. Conduction of Electricity through Liquids, Gases
  39. Elementary Modern Physics – Bohr’s Theory
  40. Introductory Electronics


What Are the WAEC 2024 Areas of Concentration for Physics?

The WAEC 2024 areas of concentration for Physics are Measurements and Units, Scalars and Vectors, Motion, Scalars and Vectors, Equilibrium of Forces, Work, Energy, and Power, Friction, Simple Machines, Elasticity: Hooke’s Law and Young’s Modulus, Pressure, Liquids at Rest, Temperature and Its Measurement, Thermal Expansion, Gas Laws, Quantity of Heat, Change of State, Vapours, Structure of Matter and Kinetic Theory, Heat Transfer, Waves, Propagation of Sound Waves, Characteristics of Sound Waves, Light Energy, Reflection of Light at Plane and Curved Surfaces, Refraction of Light through Plane and Curved Surfaces, Optical Instruments, Dispersion of Light and Colours, Electromagnetic Spectrum, Electrostatics, Capacitors, Electric Cells, Current Electricity, Electrical Energy and Power, Magnets and Magnetic Fields, Force on a Current-Carrying Conductor in a Magnetic Field, Electromagnetic Induction, Simple A. C. Circuits, Conduction of Electricity through Liquids, Gases, Elementary Modern Physics – Bohr’s Theory, Introductory Electronics.

What topics are often emphasized in the WAEC Physics Exam?

Some of the topics frequently tested include Mechanics, Thermo Physics, Waves, Light and Optics, Electricity, and Nuclear Physics.

How can I effectively prepare for the Physics practicals section in the 2024 WAEC exam?

In preparation for Physics practicals, it is advisable to regularly perform and familiarise yourself with laboratory experiments related to the WAEC syllabus.

What is the best way to study for the WAEC Physics exam?

Some effective methods include understanding the concepts and theories in depth, practicing past question papers regularly, and maintaining systematic notes.

When should I start preparing for the exam?

Ideally, start your preparation at least six months before the exam to allow sufficient time for thorough coverage of the syllabus.

Are calculations a significant part of the exam?

Yes, calculations play a crucial role. Practice solving numerical problems to excel in this aspect.

Is it better to study alone or in a group?

Both approaches have merits. Studying alone allows focused learning, while group discussions can provide diverse insights and collaborative learning.

Should I prioritize certain topics over others?

While all topics are important, focus more on areas you find challenging while ensuring you have a solid grasp of the fundamental concepts.

Focus is key in preparing for the WAEC Physics Exams 2024/2025. Understand the depth and breadth of the syllabus, pay attention to highlighted topics, and make good use of past papers. It may seem daunting, but with consistent effort, you’ll be equipped to take on this challenge!


Success in the WAEC Physics exam in 2024/2025 hinges on a balanced approach to studying. By concentrating on the key areas outlined above, following effective study strategies, and addressing common concerns, you can boost your confidence and perform well on the exam day. Remember, consistent effort and a positive attitude are the keys to achieving your desired results. Good luck!


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