WAEC Assures Success for Computer-Based Testing in Upcoming Examinations

WAEC Assures Success for Computer-Based Testing in Upcoming Examinations

WAEC Assures Success for Computer-Based Testing in Upcoming Examinations

In a bid to modernize and enhance the integrity of the West African Senior School Certificate Examinations (WASSCE), the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) has expressed confidence in the success of its Computer-Based Test (CBT) mode. The Head of National Office, Amos Dangut, addressed concerns and provided insights during an appearance on the TVC Breakfast show on Monday.

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The introduction of the CBT mode was announced in September 2023, with the Head of National Office, Mr. Patrick Areghan, revealing that plans were at an advanced stage. Dangut emphasized that the shift to a computer-based examination is a necessary step in aligning with global technological trends and ensuring the continued relevance of the WASSCE.

Dangut assured the public that WAEC has undertaken comprehensive preparations for the successful implementation of the CBT model. He highlighted key aspects of the preparation, including trial tests, state-of-the-art studios, and thorough training for examination operatives such as supervisors and invigilators. Additionally, Dangut emphasized the importance of mobilization and sensitization efforts to ease candidates’ anxieties and fears.

To further allay concerns, Dangut announced a two-day online trial period starting January 23rd, allowing registered candidates to familiarize themselves with the CBT environment. He emphasized the simplicity of the system, stating that candidates can use either a mouse or letters, making it accessible to anyone who can read and write.

Addressing the fear of change, Dangut acknowledged that resistance is natural with any innovation but emphasized that the groundwork has been laid for a successful transition. He noted a significant increase in registration figures compared to the previous year, indicating a positive response to the use of technology in examinations.

Dangut also addressed concerns about examination malpractice, stating that the CBT mode would enable real-time monitoring, reducing the likelihood of malpractice. He assured stakeholders that WAEC has deployed technology to protect the integrity of the examination process.

Contrary to speculations, Dangut clarified that there would be no changes to the examination syllabus. However, he encouraged schools to ensure they have the necessary facilities for computer-based examinations, emphasizing the importance of computer science or data processing in the curriculum.

In response to worries about accessibility in rural areas, Dangut affirmed WAEC’s readiness to conduct examinations in such communities. He stated that advancements in technology have made it possible for even rural areas to undertake computer-based examinations, and WAEC is open to viable requests.

With these assurances and proactive measures, WAEC remains optimistic about the successful implementation of the CBT mode, marking a significant step toward a more secure and technologically advanced examination system for the WASSCE.

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