WAEC GCE Registration 2024/2025 Form, Fee, Date, Deadline, Guideline

WAEC GCE Registration 2024/2025 Form, Fee, Date, Deadline, Guideline

WAEC GCE Registration 2024/2025 Form, Fee, Date, Deadline, Guideline: The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) has announced the commencement of registration for the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) for Private Candidates, 2024 First Series. This examination is also known as the WAEC GCE. In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about the WAEC GCE registration, form, fee, date, deadline, and guideline.

WASSCE for Private Candidates 2024, FIRST SERIES has commenced. Normal Registration ends on Monday, January 22nd, 2024.

What is WAEC GCE?

WAEC GCE is an examination conducted by WAEC for private candidates who wish to obtain the WASSCE certificate. The WASSCE certificate is a requirement for admission into tertiary institutions in Nigeria and other West African countries. The WAEC GCE is usually held twice a year, in January/February (First Series) and August/September (Second Series).

What is WASSCE for Private Candidates?

WASSCE for Private Candidates, also known as WAEC GCE, is an examination conducted by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) for candidates who are not in the formal school system. It is designed to assess the achievement of candidates in various subjects at the end of secondary education. The examination is open to anyone who meets the eligibility criteria and pays the required fees.

What is new about WAEC GCE 2024/2025?

The WAEC GCE 2024/2025 First Series will be the first time that WAEC will conduct the examination using the Computer Based Examination (CBE) mode. This means that the Objective Tests will be fully computerized, while the Essay and Test of Practical papers will be hybrid, where the questions will be displayed on the computer screen and the candidates will write their answers on the answer booklets provided.

According to WAEC, this innovation is in line with global best practices and will enhance the quality and reliability of the examination. It will also reduce the chances of examination malpractice and ensure faster release of results.

What are the benefits of taking WASSCE for Private Candidates?

Taking WASSCE for Private Candidates has many benefits, such as:

  • It gives you the opportunity to obtain a recognized certificate that can be used for further education, employment, or immigration purposes.
  • It allows you to improve your grades or complete your secondary education if you missed or failed the WASSCE for School Candidates.
  • It enables you to choose the subjects and examination centres that suit your preferences and convenience.
  • It exposes you to a computer-based examination platform that is in line with global best practices and prepares you for future assessments.

How to register for WAEC GCE 2024/2025 First Series (WASSCE for Private Candidates)?

The registration for WAEC GCE 2024/2025 First Series will start on Monday, December 18, 2023, and end on Monday, January 22, 2024. Candidates who wish to register for the examination must follow these steps:

Step 1: Login

You need to start your registration by enrolling your fingerprints and capturing other personal details using the Biometric Data Capture software. You can download the software from the WAEC website here if you have a fingerprint scanner, or visit any Registration Centre with such facilities to scan your fingerprints. Ensure your surname, first name, and other names are captured using the software.

Step 2: Bio Data

You need to enter your bio data, which includes gender, disability, marital status, maiden name (if applicable), date of birth, nationality, and state of origin. Note that your name must not be more than 40 characters, including spaces between the surname, first name, and other name. Please select NONE for disability information if you are not disabled.

Step 3: Picture Capture Using Webcam

You need to take a picture with a webcam with a minimum camera specification of 2.0MP 720p USB 2.0 Color: High Resolution RGB Support Hi-Speed USB 2.0 certified 2.0 megapixel sensor Up to 30 frames per second. The recommended webcam is the Microsoft LifeCam HD 3000 Webcam. Note that the picture will be printed on your photocard and certificate.

Step 4: Contact Information

You need to supply your contact information, which includes telephone, email, residential address, residential city, residential state, postal address, city, and state. Note that the telephone number is compulsory, as it will be used to contact you if the need arises.

Step 5: Selection of Preferred Examination Town

You need to select the state and town where you wish to write the examination. The exact centre will be automatically assigned to you by the system. Please note that you cannot change your examination town after submission.

Step 6: Selection of Subjects

You need to select the subjects you wish to register for the examination. You can choose a minimum of seven and a maximum of nine subjects. You can also select a trade subject as an additional subject. You can view the list of available subjects here.

Step 7: Declaration

You need to read and accept the declaration, which states that the information you have provided is true and correct, and that you agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the examination.

Step 8: Submission of Registration

Once you have completed the registration form, you are required to click the ACCEPT button after which a preview of your details will be displayed. You are required to review your application at this stage and click the EDIT button if you desire to make any modification. You should click the SAVE button if you want to save your application and still be able to come back and modify it. Note that you can only modify up to 3 times. Click the SUBMIT button if you want to submit your application. NOTE that you will no longer be able to modify your application once you click the SUBMIT button.

Step 9: Printing of Admission Notice/Photo Card

On successful completion and submission of your registration form, the system will allocate a centre to you and generate your examination number. You should then print the admission notice/photo card. Note that this document will be required before you are allowed into the examination hall.

Click on the link below to download the registration form for 2024

How to pay for WASSCE for Private Candidates in 2024?

To pay for WASSCE for Private Candidates in 2024, you need to follow these steps:

  • Visit the WAEC website here and enter your registration PIN and serial number.
  • Select your preferred payment method from the options available, such as bank payment, card payment, USSD payment, or internet banking.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the payment process and obtain an e-receipt.
  • Print out the e-receipt and keep it as evidence of payment.
How to pay for WASSCE for Private Candidates in 2024?
How to pay for WASSCE for Private Candidates in 2024?

How much is the WAEC GCE 2024/2025 registration fee?

The WAEC GCE 2024/2025 registration fee is N27,000 (Twenty Seven Thousand Naira) only. This fee covers the cost of the examination, the online registration, and the CBE service charge. Candidates are also expected to pay N500 (Five Hundred Naira) only to the banks or accredited agents as commission.

When is the WAEC GCE 2024/2025 examination date and deadline?

The WAEC GCE 2024/2025 examination date and deadline are as follows:

  • The examination will start on Monday, February 5, 2024 and end on Friday, March 2, 2024
  • The deadline for the submission of the answer booklets for the Essay and Test of Practical papers is Monday, March 5, 2024
  • The deadline for the collection of the certificates is Friday, June 1, 2024

What is the WAEC GCE 2024/2025 examination guideline?

The WAEC GCE 2024/2025 examination guideline is a set of rules and regulations that candidates must adhere to before, during, and after the examination. Some of the important guidelines are:

  • Candidates must arrive at the examination centre at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time of the examination
  • Candidates must present their photo card and registration slip at the examination centre
  • Candidates must sit for the examination at the centre and seat number assigned to them
  • Candidates must not bring any electronic device, such as mobile phone, calculator, smart watch, etc. to the examination hall
  • Candidates must not engage in any form of examination malpractice, such as copying, cheating, impersonation, etc.
  • Candidates must follow the instructions of the invigilators and supervisors at the examination centre
  • Candidates must write their names, centre number, candidate number, and paper code on the answer booklets
  • Candidates must submit their answer booklets at the end of the examination.

How to prepare for WAEC GCE 2024/2025?

To prepare for WAEC GCE 2024/2025, candidates should do the following:

  • Study the WAEC syllabus and past questions for the subjects they registered for
  • Practice the CBE mode using the WAEC practice software or app
  • Register for the Mock Examination that will be conducted in February 2024 to familiarize themselves with the CBE platform
  • Revise and review their notes and textbooks regularly
  • Join online study groups and forums to exchange ideas and tips with other candidates
  • Pray and have confidence in themselves

We hope this article has provided you with useful information about the WAEC GCE registration 2024/2025.


The WAEC GCE exam is a great opportunity for private candidates to obtain the WASSCE certificate and pursue their academic or career goals. To register for the exam, you need to obtain your NIN, pay the registration fee, fill the registration form online, and print your photo card. You also need to be aware of the registration date, deadline, and guidelines for each series of the exam. We hope this blog post has provided you with all the information you need to register for the WAEC GCE exam in 2024/2025. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. We wish you all the best in your exam.


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