WAEC Syllabus for Catering Craft Practice 2024/2025 PDF Download

WAEC Syllabus for Catering Craft Practice 2024/2025 PDF Download

WAEC Syllabus for Catering Craft Practice 2024/2025 PDF Download: Are you preparing for the WAEC exam in Catering Craft Practice? If yes, then you need to download the WAEC syllabus for Catering Craft Practice 2024/2025 PDF. The syllabus is a document that contains the topics, sub-topics, objectives, and notes that you are expected to cover before the exam. It also contains the format and scheme of the exam, as well as the recommended textbooks.

By using the syllabus, you can plan your study effectively and focus on the relevant areas. In this post, I will share with you how to download the WAEC syllabus for Catering Craft Practice PDF, the examination scheme, and the recommended textbooks.

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WAEC Syllabus for Catering Craft Practice 2024/2025


  1. Hospitality Industry/Catering
    • Overview of the hospitality industry
    • Role of catering in the hospitality sector
    • Importance of catering in various events
  2. Types of Catering Establishments
    • Restaurants, hotels, and cafes
    • Catering for events (weddings, conferences, etc.)
    • Institutional catering (schools, hospitals, etc.)
  3. Culinary Terms
    • Basic culinary terminology
    • Understanding cooking techniques and terminology
    • Importance of clear communication in a kitchen setting
  4. Safety Precautions in Catering
    • Importance of safety in the kitchen
    • Common safety hazards in catering
    • Protocols for handling kitchen equipment and tools
  5. Sanitation and Hygiene in Catering
    • Importance of cleanliness in food preparation
    • Hygiene standards in the catering industry
    • Food safety regulations and practices


  1. Study of Food Commodities and Principles of Cooking Methods
    • Overview of common food commodities
    • Principles behind various cooking methods
    • Understanding the science of cooking
  2. Principles of Cooking Methods and Practical Demonstrations
    • Application of cooking principles in the kitchen
    • Practical demonstrations of different cooking methods
    • Hands-on experience in preparing various dishes


  1. Food and Beverage Service Personnel
    • Roles and responsibilities of service staff
    • Customer service skills in catering
    • Teamwork and communication in the service industry
  2. Types of Food Service and Table Laying/Setting
    • Different styles of food service (buffet, plated, etc.)
    • Proper table setting and arrangement
    • Etiquette in food service
  3. Types of Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Drinks
    • Overview of beverage options in catering
    • Serving and presentation of drinks
    • Responsible serving of alcoholic beverages
  4. Costing and Control in Catering
    • Cost management in catering operations
    • Budgeting and financial control
    • Inventory management in catering businesses


  1. Types of Kitchen Equipment and Their Uses
    • Essential kitchen tools and equipment
    • Specialized equipment for different cooking techniques
    • Efficiency and productivity in the kitchen
  2. Care and Maintenance of Kitchen Equipment
    • Proper handling and cleaning of kitchen tools
    • Regular maintenance practices
    • Ensuring longevity and safety of equipment


  1. Principles of Menu Planning
    • Factors influencing menu selection
    • Dietary considerations and nutritional balance
    • Tailoring menus for specific events or clientele
  2. Types of Menu and Demonstrations
    • A la carte, table d’hôte, and specialty menus
    • Menu design and layout
    • Showcasing menu items through demonstrations
  3. Special Menu and Demonstrations
    • Creating special menus for occasions
    • Seasonal and themed menu planning
    • Innovative culinary demonstrations
  4. Accompaniments
    • Understanding and selecting appropriate accompaniments
    • Balancing flavors and textures on the menu
    • Presentation techniques for accompaniments

How to Download WAEC Syllabus for Catering Craft Practice 2024/2025 PDF

To download the WAEC syllabus for Catering Craft Practice PDF, you can click on the link below. The syllabus is in PDF format and can be viewed on any device that supports PDF files. You can also save it to your phone, laptop, or tablet for offline access. The syllabus is free and does not require any registration or payment.

WAEC Examination Scheme for Catering Craft Practice 2024/2025

The WAEC examination scheme for Catering Craft Practice consists of three papers, Papers 1, 2, and 3, all of which must be taken. Papers 1 and 2 are composite papers that are taken in one sitting. Paper 3 is a practical test that can be taken either as an actual test or as an alternative test. The details of the papers are as follows:

  • Paper 1: This paper consists of 40 multiple-choice objective questions that are to be answered in 45 minutes for 40 marks.
  • Paper 2: This paper consists of two sections, Section A and Section B, that are to be answered in 1 hour 30 minutes for 60 marks. Section A consists of five short-structured questions that are to be answered in 30 minutes for 20 marks. Section B consists of three questions, out of which candidates are required to answer any two in 1 hour for 40 marks.
  • Paper 3: This paper is a practical test that lasts for 2 hours and carries 100 marks. It consists of two questions, out of which candidates are required to answer one. A list of materials for the test is made available to schools not less than two weeks before the paper is taken. Alternatively, if the materials for the actual test cannot be acquired, the Council may consider testing the candidates’ theoretical knowledge of the practical skills prescribed in the syllabus. For this alternative test, there are two sets of compulsory questions that are to be answered in 1 hour 30 minutes for 100 marks.

WAEC Recommended Textbooks for Catering Craft Practice 2024/2025

The WAEC recommended textbooks for Catering Craft Practice are the books that candidates are advised to use for their study and revision. These books contain the relevant information and explanations that cover the topics and sub-topics in the syllabus. They also contain examples, illustrations, exercises, and past questions that can help candidates to practice and improve their skills. The recommended textbooks for Catering Craft Practice are:

  1. “Restaurant and Catering Operations” by Doyin Akin-Bankole, Pub. Diamond Publications Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.
  2. “Basic Certificate Catering: A Handbook for Basic Schools” by Mrs. Jessie Osei Kofi, Pub. Rainbow Publications Limited, Kumasi, Ghana.
  3. “The Theory of Catering” by Cesrain & Kinton’s.
  4. “Practical Cookery” by Foskett, Ceserani & Kinton.
  5. “Food and Beverage Service” by Dennis Lillicrap and John Cousins.
  6. “O-Level and CSE Cookery” by Angela Creese.
  7. “The Kingsway Book of Cookery” by Dora Seton.
  8. “The Students Cookery Book” by Ehid O’Reilly – Wright.
  9. “Catering – A Guide to Teachers and Students” by Igboanbusi, J.N.
  10. “Essentials of Catering Management” by Omozuwa O.


I hope this blog post has been helpful to you. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. I wish you all the best in your WAEC exam. Thank you for reading.

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