WAEC Technical Drawing Practical Specimen 2024/2025


WAEC Technical Drawing Practical Specimen 2024/2025: The WAEC Technical Drawing Practical Specimen for the year 2024/2025 includes a list of essential tools and materials that each school must provide to enable candidates to undertake the Technical Drawing examination successfully. This article outlines the necessary equipment and offers guidance on their usage, ensuring that candidates are well-prepared for this practical examination.

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WAEC Technical Drawing Practical Specimen 2024/2025

The Technical Drawing Practical examination conducted by WAEC requires candidates to demonstrate their proficiency in creating accurate and precise drawings. To facilitate this, each school is responsible for providing the following equipment, instruments, and materials to candidates:


Each school is expected to provide the following equipment, instruments, and materials for each candidate offering Technical Drawing:

1Drawing Table/Drawing Board
2Tee Square
3Scale Rule
5Set Squares
6Drawing Instrument set
7French Curves or Flexible Rubber
8Clips or Masking Tape
9Pencils – 2H, H, and HB
10Eraser, Erasing Shield, and Brush
11Sharpener/Razor Blade
WAEC Technical Drawing Practical Specimen 2024/2025

The WAEC Technical Drawing Practical Specimen for 2024/2025 necessitates that schools equip candidates with essential tools and materials. These items are vital for the successful execution of the Technical Drawing examination, enabling candidates to produce accurate and well-detailed drawings. Adequate preparation with these tools will contribute to the overall success of the candidates in this practical examination.

Detailed Explanation of the WAEC Technical Drawing Practical Specimen 2024/2025

Drawing Table/Drawing Board:

The drawing table or drawing board is a crucial specimen for the Technical Drawing Practical exam. This specimen provides candidates with a stable and flat working surface. It offers the necessary support for placing drawing paper and other instruments securely, ensuring that candidates can work comfortably and create precise drawings.

Tee Square:

The tee square is an indispensable tool in technical drawing. It features a long, straightedge with a perpendicular edge, forming a “T” shape. This specimen is vital for drawing perfectly horizontal lines with precision. Candidates can align the tee square along the edge of the drawing paper to maintain straightness and accuracy in their drawings.

Scale Rule:

The scale rule is a specialized ruler with various scales and divisions. This specimen is used for measuring and drawing objects to scale accurately. It enables candidates to represent the size and proportions of objects correctly in their drawings, an essential aspect of technical drawing.


The protractor is a circular instrument used for measuring and drawing angles. This specimen is instrumental in creating precise angles in technical drawings. Candidates can use the protractor to ensure accurate angles, which is crucial for geometric precision in their artwork.

Set Squares:

Set squares come in pairs, typically featuring fixed angles of 30-60-90 degrees and 45-45-90 degrees. These specimens are indispensable for drawing accurate angles and lines in technical drawings. Candidates rely on set squares to create right angles and geometric shapes with precision.

Drawing Instrument Set:

The drawing instrument set comprises various precision tools, including compasses and dividers. These specimens are essential for accurate measurements, creating circles, and adding intricate details to technical drawings. Candidates use this set to achieve the level of precision required for complex drawings.

French Curves or Flexible Rubber:

French curves or flexible rubbers are templates with curved edges. These specimens are invaluable for drawing smooth curves and irregular shapes accurately. Candidates use French curves or flexible rubbers to depict curves and contours in their drawings with precision.

Clips or Masking Tape:

Clips or masking tape serve the purpose of securing the drawing paper to the drawing table or board. These specimens prevent the paper from shifting during the drawing process, ensuring stability and accuracy in the final artwork.

Pencils – 2H, H, and HB:

Different grades of pencils, including 2H, H, and HB, are essential specimens for technical drawing. These pencils are used for shading and line work, allowing candidates to vary line thickness and create shading effects in their drawings, enhancing visual quality.

Eraser, Erasing Shield, and Brush:

Erasers, erasing shields, and brushes are specimens used for corrections and refining drawings. They assist candidates in removing unwanted marks and achieving clean, precise lines in their artwork, ensuring the clarity and professionalism of their technical drawings.

Sharpener/Razor Blade:

A sharpener or razor blade is a vital specimen to maintain a fine, sharp point on pencils. This ensures that candidates always have the necessary tool to create precise lines and detailing work in their technical drawings.

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What are the specimens for the Technical Drawing Practical exam in WAEC 2024/2025?

The specimens for the Technical Drawing Practical exam in WAEC 2024/2025 consist of a comprehensive list of essential tools and materials that each school is required to provide to candidates. These include a drawing table or board, a tee square for precise horizontal lines, a scale rule for accurate measurements, a protractor for angle measurement, set squares for creating precise angles, a drawing instrument set, French curves or a flexible rubber for smooth curves and irregular shapes, clips or masking tape to secure drawing paper, pencils of varying grades (2H, H, and HB) for shading and line work, erasers, erasing shields, and brushes for corrections, and a sharpener or razor blade to maintain pencil points. These tools and materials are indispensable for candidates to successfully complete the Technical Drawing Practical examination and showcase their drawing skills effectively.



In conclusion, the provision of the specified equipment and materials by schools is crucial for ensuring that candidates can showcase their Technical Drawing skills effectively during the WAEC examination. With the right tools at their disposal, candidates will have the opportunity to demonstrate their competence in creating precise and well-crafted drawings, ultimately enhancing their chances of success in this practical assessment for the 2024/2025 academic year.

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