What is the Meaning of B2 in WAEC Result?

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When you receive your WAEC result, it’s like unlocking a treasure chest of knowledge. Among the many letters and numbers on that sheet, you might have noticed the intriguing “B2” next to a score range of 70 to 74. What does this mysterious code mean? Fear not, as we embark on a journey to uncover the meaning behind the enigmatic “B2” in your WAEC result.

Understanding B2:

“B2” might seem like a secret code, but it’s actually a grading system used to assess your performance. In WAEC, which stands for West African Examinations Council, your scores are categorized into various grades, each with its own significance. When you see “B2,” it signifies a score range of 70 to 74. This score range is interpreted as “very good,” indicating that you have performed admirably well in the subject.

You can read more on the WAEC grading system here.


What does the B2 grade mean?

The B2 grade signifies a score range of 70 to 74 in your WAEC exam. It is considered a “very good” performance level.

Is B2 a good grade?

Yes, B2 is indeed a good grade. It reflects that you have demonstrated a strong understanding of the subject and performed very well.

How is the WAEC grading system structured?

The WAEC grading system consists of various grades, each with its own score range and interpretation. B2 falls within the “very good” performance category.

Can I be proud of a B2 grade?

Absolutely! Achieving a B2 grade shows that you have a solid grasp of the subject matter and have performed above average.

Is B2 the highest grade?

No, B2 is not the highest grade. WAEC’s grading system includes higher grades such as A1 (Excellent), which represent even higher levels of achievement.

What subjects can I get a B2 grade in?

You can potentially earn a B2 grade in any subject that you took the WAEC exam for, provided your score falls within the 70 to 74 range.

How can I improve my grade from B2 to A1?

Improving your grade involves further dedication to your studies, seeking additional help if needed, and practicing consistently. Consult your teachers or mentors for guidance.



The next time you receive your WAEC result and see the intriguing “B2” code next to a score range of 70 to 74, you can confidently interpret it as a “very good” performance. It signifies that you have excelled in the subject and should be proud of your achievement. As you continue your academic journey, remember that every grade is a stepping stone towards your goals, and a B2 is a shining testament to your hard work and dedication.

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