What is the Meaning of C4 in WAEC Result?

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If you’ve recently received your WAEC results or are preparing for the exams, you might have come across the term “C4” in your grade report. What exactly does this mean? In this article, we’ll break down the significance of C4 in the WAEC grading system and provide answers to some commonly asked questions about WAEC results.

Understanding the WAEC Grading System:

Before we dive into the specifics of “C4,” let’s take a quick look at the broader WAEC grading system. WAEC, which stands for West Africa Examination Council, is responsible for conducting exams for secondary school students. Your performance in these exams can significantly impact your educational journey, as they are one of the criteria for admission into tertiary institutions.

The WAEC grading system assigns grades to students based on their cumulative scores in various subjects. Each grade corresponds to a range of percentage scores. The higher your score, the better your grade.

Here’s a breakdown of the WAEC grading system for 2024/2025 students:

  • A1: Excellent (75% – 100%)
  • B2: Very good (70% – 74%)
  • B3: Good (65% – 69%)
  • C4: Credit (60% – 64%)
  • C5: Credit (55% – 59%)
  • C6: Credit (50% – 54%)
  • D7: Pass (45% – 49%)
  • E8: Pass (40% – 45%)
  • F9: Fail (0% – 44%)

Decoding “C4” in WAEC Result

Now, let’s focus on “C4.” This grade falls under the “Credit” category in the WAEC grading system. If you see a “C4” next to a subject on your result sheet, it means you scored between 60% and 64% in that particular subject.

A “C4” grade is considered a passing grade. This means that you have met the minimum requirement to pass that subject. However, while “C4” is a pass, it might not be sufficient for all educational institutions or courses. Some universities and programs require higher grades, like “B2” or “B3,” for admission.


What does a C4 grade mean in WAEC?

A C4 grade in WAEC signifies a “Credit” level of achievement. This means you scored between 60% and 64% in the subject. While it’s a passing grade, some institutions might consider higher grades for specific courses or programs.

Is C4 a good grade in WAEC?

Yes, C4 is a decent grade in WAEC, as it indicates that you’ve achieved a credit level of performance. However, the significance of this grade might vary depending on the university or course you intend to apply for.

Can I gain admission to a university with a C4 grade?

Admission requirements can differ among universities and courses. While a C4 is a passing grade, some competitive institutions or programs might have higher entry standards. It’s important to research the specific admission criteria of the university and program you’re interested in.

Can I combine grades from different subjects to calculate my aggregate score?

Yes, many universities calculate aggregate scores for admission purposes. This often involves adding up the points assigned to each grade in your core subjects. An A1 might carry more points than a C4, which can affect your overall aggregate score.

Is the WAEC grading system subject to change?

The WAEC grading system has remained relatively stable over the years. While changes are possible, there’s no indication of an imminent overhaul in the grading structure.

What should I do if I receive a D7, E8, or F9 grade?

Grades of D7, E8, and F9 are considered failing grades. If you receive these grades in compulsory subjects like mathematics or English language, you may need to retake the exam to meet admission requirements.



“C4” in the WAEC grading system signifies a “Credit” grade with a percentage score between 60% and 64%. While this grade indicates a passing performance, its relevance for your educational goals depends on the specific requirements of the institution or program you’re aiming for. Always strive to perform your best, and remember that a higher grade can open more doors for your academic pursuits.

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